Our Company

Vasorum was founded by James Coleman, Christopher Cummins and Robert Perryman, who have extensive experience in the medical device industry and in particular in the development of vascular closure devices. Vasorum is developing medical devices for the interventional cardiology and radiology markets. Its first product is the Celt ACD®, used to close arterial puncture holes following catheter-based vascular procedures.

The Company has rights to an extensive patent portfolio protecting various aspects of the technology and its method of use which extend to at least 2032. The Company works from a purpose built premises in Dublin, Ireland which comprise workshop, laboratory and office space, and houses specialist equipment such as an LPL laser cutter, laser welder, CNC lathe, milling machinery, an electro-polishing plant and a Class 8 Cleanroom.


Our Founders and Senior Managers


Jim Coleman MD - Co-founder, Chairman and Clinical Director.

Dr. Coleman is currently CEO of Vasorum which he co-founded. He is also Chairman and Medical Director of AltaScience which is developing a product for the female healthcare market based on the same technology platform. He also co-founded Nova Science Limited (Interventional Cardiology) in 1999 which was acquired by Abbott Vascular in February 2007 and Chiroxia Limited a joint venture with Henkel-Loctite developing a biocompatible cyanoacrylate technology for medical applications. The rights to this technology were re-acquired by Henkel-Loctite in 2005. Prior to this Dr. Coleman spent 7 years in the medical device industry as Senior International Medical Director for the Surgical Division of American Cyanamid Corporation, American Home Corporations U.S.A., and Tyco Healthcare (Covidien) - Kendall International (now part of Medtronic). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and holds an MBA from Open University London.



Christy Cummins - Co-Founder and R&D Director. 

Mr. Cummins is currently Director of R&D of Vasorum which he co-founded. He is also R&D Director of AltaScience. He was also co-founder of Nova Science and Chiroxia. He previously worked for Sherwood Medical Industries Division of Tyco Healthcare (Covidien – now part of Medtronic), as the European Manager of R&D. Prior to this he spent two years with Baxter Healthcare as a Product Development Engineer. Mr. Cummins received his Master of Arts in Industrial Design from the National College of Art and Design.



Robert Perrymen - Co-Founder and Director BD.

Dr. Perryman is CEO of AltaScience having worked as Director of Business Development for Vasorum since 2005 where he was also a co-founder. Prior to this he was a Partner and Director of Irish BioVentures (2002-2005) where he worked as a consultant with a number of life science start-ups providing expertise in business development and finance. He also provided business development services to UK-based BTG. From 1999-2002 he was an equity analyst with Merrion Stockbrokers covering the Pharmaceutical and Food industries. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from UCD (1994) and several years’ post-doctoral research experience. He has an MBA (1999) from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Dublin.