Case Studies


Calcified Artery Closure in Peripheral Cases.


Two previously deployed Celt ACDs (indicated by arrows above) in a vessel with an inflated Scoring Balloon for angioplasty of femoral stent.


Ante-grade puncture in calcified vessel previously closed by Celt ACDs following multiple procedures.



Celt ACD® allows multiple immediate re-sticks in calcified arteries.


6 Celt ACDs


5 Celt ACDs


Celt ACD® is located in the arterial wall not in the circulation.


Puncture sites closed by Celt ACD® are completely healed at five weeks or less and covered by endothelium.


Celt ACD® (indicated by the green circle above) is in the arterial wall and not in the circulation as seen on ultrasound of bifurcation of femoral artery.